Women-Exclusive Gaming Tournaments

Women-Exclusive Gaming Tournaments

On May 7, Benefit Cosmetics will be hosting nine video game tournaments throughout the year on the streaming platform ‘Rival,’ marking the first time a beauty company has hosted a competitive tournament exclusively for women and non-men.

There has been a significant increase in women in competitive esports, but women in gaming still face challenges like underrepresentation and discrimination within the scene. The ‘Apex Legends’ tournaments will be led by captains from gaming groups Black Girl Gamers and TheGameHers, both of which share Benefit’s vision to empower women in gaming.

The ‘Apex Legends Invitational’ and the rest of the games will see a total prize pool of $25,500. Three of the events will be hosted by Benefit Cosmetics’ sponsor Electronic Arts.

Toto HaBa, SVP of Marketing & Communications at Benefit Cosmetics writes in a press release: “In partnering with like-minded female gaming groups and production companies to bring this campaign to life, we’re not only supporting women gamers but the entire gaming ecosystem.”

Image Credit: Benefit Cosmetics, Black Girl Gamers


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