Wearable Air Conditioning Belts

Wearable Air Conditioning Belts
Apr 2023

Sparkle Team announced the 'Sparkle Tornado' alongside a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo. The Sparkle Tornado is a wearable silicone belt that serves as a personal air conditioner for the wearer. The device cools off the wearer with five fans placed around the belt that are designed to face upward such that the cold air spans the length of the wearer's body.
The Sparkle Tornado features three cooling levels for different levels of cooling. The company's marketing materials state that the fans move up to 585 liters per minute of air, which is significant given the 500mm combined fan radius. The 12-volt battery in the Sparkle Tornado lasts roughly three hours of continuous use, but the device charges quickly in less than an hour. Additionally, the belt can have a power bank mounted to it, allowing for all-day operation.
Image Credit: Sparkle Team