Tunable Insulating Materials

Tunable Insulating Materials

A team of engineers at the University of California, Irvine, has developed a tunable insulating material based on technology found in squid skin. This material is a metalized polymer film with adjustable insulating properties that come from a feature similar to the color-changing nature of squid skin. The film is fit for use in a variety of items that require insulation, such as coffee cups, cars, or carrying bags.

On top of the innovative insulation properties of the metalized polymer film, the engineers behind it have stated that it is also scalable. The material can be produced in large batches in order to bring costs down, which means it is not only scientifically advanced but also economically and logistically practical. Along Gorodetsky, the leader of the team of engineers, has stated that there is an “enormous array of applications” for the tunable metalized polymer film. Lastly, the film is also recyclable through conventional recycling systems, making it a more sustainable option when compared to other insulators.

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