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Top 40 Kitchen Trends in November

Top 40 Kitchen Trends in November The November 2022 kitchen trends reflect continuous pushes toward convenience and quality in the home kitchen. From 5-in-1 expandable skillets to oven-to-table bakeware, its clear consumers are looking for versatile products for cooking. One notable example comes from Rubbermaid DuraLite Bakeware. The brand

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Heatsink-Equipped Internal SSDs

Heatsink-Equipped Internal SSDs The Samsung 980 Pro is a new one or two-terabyte solid-state drive (SSD) from the South Korean electronics manufacturer. The 980 Pro improves upon the previous iterations of Samsung SSDs by featuring a built-in passive air cooler via a nickel heatsink. The new heatsink-equipped Samsung SSDs boast a drastically improved

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Long-Lasting Solar-Ready Power Stations

Long-Lasting Solar-Ready Power Stations The Anker 757 PowerHouse has been announced by the brand as an upcoming power station that will provide impressive capabilities for campers, adventurers or those looking to up their emergency preparedness game. The power station features a 1,500W capacity with a maximum output of 1,229Wh to make it the world's

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