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Heatsink-Equipped Internal SSDs

Heatsink-Equipped Internal SSDs The Samsung 980 Pro is a new one or two-terabyte solid-state drive (SSD) from the South Korean electronics manufacturer. The 980 Pro improves upon the previous iterations of Samsung SSDs by featuring a built-in passive air cooler via a nickel heatsink. The new heatsink-equipped Samsung SSDs boast a drastically improved

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Anime-Branded Foldable Phones

Anime-Branded Foldable Phones Samsung has launched a special webpage for an upcoming collaborative version of the brand's 'Galaxy Z Flip3' smartphone. The limited-edition phone is titled the 'Galaxy Z Flip3 Pok'emon Edition,' and it comes with a variety of Pok'emon-themed collectibles and accessories. The phone comes with a Pok'eball-style pop socket, a

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