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Sci-Fi Show-Inspired Board Games

Sci-Fi Show-Inspired Board Games The Monopoly Stranger Things board game is a themed take on the iconic pastime for avid fans of the namesake Netflix streaming series to incorporate into their collection. The board game is themed with season four of the series in mind and features a number of graphics as well as gameplay details inspired by it.

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Ultra-Compact Wireless Speakers

Ultra-Compact Wireless Speakers The Lexon Mino+ speaker is a design-conscious, space-saving audio solution for users looking to enjoy their favorite music from their home and beyond. The speaker maintains an impossibly compact design that will fit in the hand of the user, while still being able to pump out impressive audio. The speaker comes in three styles

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Technology-Charging Air Purifiers

Technology-Charging Air Purifiers The Coway Airmega Icon air purifier is the brand's latest air cleaning appliance for the modern living space to provide inhabitants with a way to enjoy a healthier indoor environment. The air purifier features the brand's proprietary HyperCaptive four-filter air filtration technology to capture more than 99.9% of the

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