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AI-Powered Tracking Lamps

AI-Powered Tracking Lamps The Werobot Pino Lamp is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled illuminator for use on desktops and workstations alike as a way to provide targeted lighting at all times. The lamp maintains a somewhat unassuming design that appears as a small task light, but will reveal a tracking functionality when in use. The

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Multipoint Pairing Earbuds

Multipoint Pairing Earbuds The Skullcandy Mod True Wireless Earbuds are a powerful mobile audio solution for users seeking out a way to better enjoy their favorite content across all of their devices. The headphones feature multipoint pairing to enable users to seamlessly switch between their devices at leisure to accommodate an intuitive experience. The

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Forced-Scroll Platform Games

Forced-Scroll Platform Games Meteorbyte Publishing and developer Gusarapo Games have announced the release of Running on Magic, an auto-scrolling platformer that will come to Nintendo Switch sometime during the summer season. The plot focuses on a mage who is running to escape the Grim Reaper, running through obstacle courses to avoid him. In this

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