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Outrageously Cheesy Cocktails

Outrageously Cheesy Cocktails The VELVEETA Veltini is a new outrageously cheese cocktail that will be available during golden this summer. To create the unexpected cocktail, VELVEETA joined forces with BLT Restaurant group that will appeal to pleasure-seekers all over. The new offering hopes to encourage fans to live a bold, unrestrained life.

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Curated Seasonal Cocktail Kits

Curated Seasonal Cocktail Kits The Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit is a limited-edition offer by Mount Gay Rum, the world's oldest running rum distillery. The rum distillery worked with chef Richard Blais to curate the new kit. Available via Cocktail Courier, the Summer Taste Essentials Kit encourages customers to explore and savor the distinct

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