Spicy Asian BBQ Dishes

Spicy Asian BBQ Dishes

Nathan’s Famous, an American fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in New York classics, has announced the launch of new limited-time menu items: Spicy Asian Barbecue and Slaw with Kogi Sticky Spicy Wing Sauce. The new offering will be available at all Nathan’s Famous locations from now until June 25.

Specific dishes under the Spicy Asian Barbecue category will include Spicy Asian BBQ Slaw-Topped Hot Dog, Spicy Asian BBQ Chicken Wings, Spicy Asian BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Asian BBQ Chicken Fries & Slaw, and Spicy Asian BBQ Chicken Wings.

“Our Nathan’s guests really enjoy our world-famous all-beef hot dogs, crinkle-cut fries, chicken sandwiches, and wings and tenders. We are taking those existing menu items and adding menu variety through combining those favorites with this fantastic wing sauce and slaw,” said Phil McCann, Vice President of Marketing.

Image Credit: Nathan’s Famous


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