shimmering Graphic Seasonal Streetwear

shimmering Graphic Seasonal Streetwear

Bright Graphic Seasonal Streetwear

Streetwear imprint Cactus Plant Flea Market unveils the latest Japan Made collection as a part of the Season 6 collection prepared for the Spring/Summer 2022 drop. The brand turns its attention to bright color palettes and playful patterning to channel the energy of the warm season.

The standout item in the range is led by the WWCD Denim jacket and the Check Zip Work jackets. The Denim jacket is dyed in a dark hue with mint tonal branding over the front as the work jackets are more collegiate themed with a blend of blue and green in a plaid pattern for a uniform aesthetic. It is also detailed with touches of sun graphics followed by bright hoodies and much more.

Image Credit: HUMAN MADE


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