Leverage-Providing Cycling Multitools

Leverage-Providing Cycling Multitools

With cycling multi-tools having grown in popularity and a number of companies devising innovative new products to meet the diverse needs of cyclists, differentiating factors have become all the more important to stand out in this marketplace, with Wolf Tooth having hit upon a simple yet genius idea by coming up with a cycling multi-tool that is also capable of functioning as an axle level for your bike’s rear wheel.

The ‘Axle Handle Multi-Tool’ works by requiring users to go about threading a receiver nut onto the axle, with the axle then turned and secured into the dropouts. When multi-tool functionality is called for, users can simply slip the multitool right out, allowing them access to a 5-mm hex end, varied hex tools, a flat head #3 and a Phillips #2 screwdriver among other essential tools.

Incredibly, this versatile cycling multi-tool weighs in at only 28 grams, making it decidedly diminutive and compact, not to mention a value purchase at only $29.95.

Image Credit: Wolf Tooth


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