Latin-Inspired Poke Bowls

Latin-Inspired Poke Bowls

Sweetfin, a Los Angeles-based fast-casual restaurant specializing in Californian-style Poke, has introduced a new item to its menu: Cilantro Jalape~no Bowl. The new bowl will be on offer at all Sweetfin locations for a limited time, from April 12 to June 30.

According to the company, the concept for Cilantro Jalape~no Bowl was inspired by the Latin flavors of Mexico and Guatama. As a result, it features a refreshing combination of pickled Fresno chilis, cucumber, pineapple, red onion, and a choice of protein, all of which are topped with a homemade cilantro-lime-jalape~no sauce.

“The Cilantro Jalape~no Bowl is a fusion of several cultures and flavors, resulting in a truly unique offering that our Sweetfans haven’t experienced yet. We look forward to unveiling this new item and continuing to give our guests more ways to enjoy our fresh, accessible, and naturally craveable dishes,” said Sweetfin Culinary Director Andrea Cuellar.

Image Credit: Sweetfin


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