Kid-Friendly Sporty Metaverses

Kid-Friendly Sporty Metaverses

With The Cicaverse, footwear brand Clarks is venturing into the metaverse for the first time by offering an immersive experience on Roblox that focuses on its unisex sneaker style, the Cica. This metaverse is geared towards empowering kids and teens to be their best, all the while offering them a safe space for exploration, creativity, learning and play.

The community space for kids invites users to virtually visit the Clarks Stadium to pick up a virtual pair of the sneakers for an online sports tournament. Kids can take part in a variety of games, from BMX stunts and parkour to breakdancing, and the experience ties in with the real athletes who participated in the development of the Cica shoe.

Young athletes are part of the experience, including B-Girl Terra, the 15-year-old breakdancer who will compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.


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