Creamy Instant Iced Coffees

Creamy Instant Iced Coffees

Nescaf’e has launched the ‘Nescaf’e Sweet & Creamy Iced Original,’ a new powdered instant iced coffee drink available in Canada. This is an all-in-one iced coffee sachet, meaning it not only creates an instant cold brew, but also adds cream and sweetener to the beverage in the same packet. With this instant iced coffee, consumers can enjoy a refreshing, invigorating cup of Nescaf’e iced coffee after less than a minute of preparation.

The Nescaf’e Sweet & Creamy Iced Original marks the first-ever all-in-one iced coffee packet in Canada, as its competitors require supplementary ingredients, such as milk or sugar. Nescaf’e’s iced coffee powder only needs to be mixed in cold water to produce a delicious drink.

In addition to the time effectiveness of the drink, the product is also cost-effective at a price of $7.49 per 16 sachets. That means it only costs roughly 45 cents per drink.

Image Credit: Nescaf’e


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