Cooling Slushie-Inspired Cereals

Cooling Slushie-Inspired Cereals
Apr 2023

The flavors of a favorite frozen beverage can now be appreciated in the form of a breakfast cereal thanks to Kellogg's ICEE Cereal.
This collaboration between Kellogg's and The ICEE Company was inspired by the best-selling Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors, as well as the temperature of the popular frozen beverage. This cereal has an ingredient that cools the mouth as cereal is eaten, imitating the refreshing experience of sipping an ICEE. This first-of-its-kind summertime cereal is not only sweet and cooling, it also makes milk more flavorful.
"Consumers today say they want to feel like a kid again, and there's no better way to 'Let the Kid Out' than digging into a bowl of ICEE branded cereal," said Natalie Peterson, Vice President of Marketing at The ICEE Company.