British Electric Sports Cars

British Electric Sports Cars

‘Lotus,’ the British sports car manufacturer, has announced the ‘Lotus Eletre,’ a high-powered electric SUV. The Eletre was previously known as the ‘Type 132’ SUV. Lotus has given the Eletre its full name and another teaser, but has not yet revealed the full specifications of the vehicle. Lotus will confirm the release date, pricing, and performance of the Eletre on March 29th, 2022.

Accompanying this announcement, Lotus is also unveiling a variety of upcoming EVs currently named the ‘Type 134,’ ‘Type 135,’ and ‘Type 133.’ The Type 134 is a small crossover, the Type 135 is a four-door coupe, and the Type 133 is a fully-electric sports car. Lotus will also use an electric modular platform called ‘Evolution’ in these vehicles, though it is not yet confirmed which models will use the Evolution EV platform.

Image Credit: Lotus


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