Autonomous Solar Energy Solutions

Autonomous Solar Energy Solutions

‘Power-Blox,’ the Swiss engineering company, has unveiled the ‘PBX-200,’ a plug-and-play solar power solution. The PBX-200 is an easy-to-use power cube with a 1.2 kWh battery and an accompanying solar absorption module. The device has a 230-volt AC power connector to enable plug-and-play functionality that any consumer, or business, can quickly understand. On top of this, the PBX-200 is scalable, as multiple units can be used in tandem with one another.

While the Power-Blox PBX-200 is an excellent solution for sustainable energy supplies for both individuals and businesses, it is also an excellent way to bring reliable power sources to rural areas. For example, Power-Blox partnered with ‘Unitel S.A.’ to fully power a health service center in an area without a sufficient supply of electricity.

Image Credit: Power-Blox


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