Anime-Branded Foldable Phones

Anime-Branded Foldable Phones

Samsung has launched a special webpage for an upcoming collaborative version of the brand’s ‘Galaxy Z Flip3’ smartphone. The limited-edition phone is titled the ‘Galaxy Z Flip3 Pok’emon Edition,’ and it comes with a variety of Pok’emon-themed collectibles and accessories. The phone comes with a Pok’eball-style pop socket, a ‘Pikachu’-themed protective case, a ‘Pok’edex’-themed neck pouch, and more.

To promote the Pok’emon Edition phone, Samsung launched a special webpage with a countdown to a full reveal even accompanying the launch of the phone. The South Korean electronics manufacturer is investing strongly into its successful foldable smartphones, as it has already released several collaborative iterations of the device. Additionally, Pok’emon collectibles are on the rise in Korea with everything from electronics to lifestyle to even hospitality products incorporating the Anime’s characters and images.

Image Credit: Samsung


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