Accessible Cooler Packaging

Accessible Cooler Packaging

‘Ampersand Projects,’ the Australian drinks manufacturer, has debuted the ‘Vodka Soda Sunset Series Cooler Pack.’ This cooler pack features simplistic, easy-to-understand packaging that is conveniently portable. One vodka cooler pack contains three ‘Pine-Lime,’ three raspberry, and three passionfruit flavored drinks. Ampersand Projects elected for a plain white design for the package to make it the least overwhelming and most accessible possible.

The bottom of the package states that the drinks contain no carbs, sugar, or gluten. This makes it easy for customers to quickly understand the basic ingredients of the drinks. Additionally, the front of the package clearly states in bold, black letters, “VODKA SODA COOLER PACK,” making it immediately recognizable. Lastly, there is a dotted line near the top of the package that states “fill with ice up to this line,” providing clear instructions for customers to enjoy a perfect, portable drink for outdoor gatherings.

This use of plain black-on-white text and minimalist design choices is one that has become more and more popular as many businesses shift toward making their products seem more accessible and approachable.

Image Credit: Ampersand Projects


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