Workplace-Integrating Home Renovations

A few radical changes in working conditions have transpired over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. In March 2020, many non-essential jobs went remote, and now, as restrictions are easing (or have been entirely removed) throughout the world, many employers are coming to terms that it might be more cost-effective and comfortable for their employees to work from home or abroad. These changes in working conditions and the necessity to look toward the future of work are reflected in Toronto-based studio Nivek Remas’ renovation project. Prior to COVID-19, the firm was planning on leasing out new office spaces to accommodate the ever-growing team. During the pandemic, however, Nivek Remas took on a project to renovate the founder’s home-located in Cabbagetown-to include an office for the studio which now occupies 1,250 square feet of the residence.

Image Credit: Scott Norsworthy

Source: changes-in-working-conditions

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